Cinnamon Network has developed a system to track and report the collective social impact of the church in local communities – we call it The Cinnamon Faith Action Audit.

Our approach, and the data it provides, has transformed the relationship between churches and civic leadership communities around the world.

In 2019 we showed the huge impact the faith community has in Washington Heights & Inwood, please read on to find out our key findings or download the full report to see more.

The faith community gives $41,081,875 in services to Washington Heights and Inwood every year.

Our research showed the combined value of volunteer and paid time given by the faith community
Our Faith Action Audit also showed that...


Volunteer hours were given to those in need during a year. The number represents 578 full time employees.


Paid hours of service were given each year by the faith community. The number represents 424 full-time employees


People were served daily by the faith community, with over 60,000 being served each year.

Washington Heights/Inwood

Download the full report

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This Faith Action Audit was done in partnership with LEAD.NYC as part of a 10-year project to measure and support the church’s transformational impact.

Read more about the 10 Zip Code Projects or get in contact if you would like to start a conversation about the Cinnamon Faith Action Audit in your city.

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