When you started this module, we identified the following goals:

  • To better define and articulate your project’s MODEL
  • To set an audacious replication TARGET for the next 12 months;
  • To understand which BENEFIT I most need to develop for my next stage of replication, and
  • Being honest about what I’m going to DO about it!

In this pause for REFLECTION we recommend to take 3-5 days before moving onto the next step and journal your responses to these goals. You will be asked to record them for your own records when you return.

MODEL: how can I express my project in the form “MY PROJECT” helps the Local Church to “MY TRANSFORMATIONAL GOAL” by “MY SERVICE”.

TARGET: set a realistic but audacious goal

BENEFIT: having taken the module, which area needs your greatest attention to better replicate your project, and

DO: identify three tangible actions you intend to complete in the next 6 months to deliver your target.

We won’t be marking or judging your answers, so be honest with yourself and maybe ask your team for their help in answering as part of your reflection!