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7. Replicating what works: How to replicate best practice through other local churches

Our God-given time, energy, talents and resources are too valuable to waste reinventing the wheel. Why recreate a community project that another local church has already pioneered and refined? Why not adopt the best practice that has been developed by another local church and adapt it to fit in your context?

Cinnamon Network International has pioneered a strategy of ‘replication rather than duplication’. We identify brilliant church-led community projects and help them to capture the genius of what they do and package it in a way that it can be given to other local churches. The Cinnamon Community Project Replicator helps projects run by one local church replicate through a minimum of three other local churches.

The Replicator framework invites church-led community projects to set one target, develop four benefits and build eight capabilities. The questions below are indicative of the areas that the Replicator journey helps community projects develop:

Set One Target…

Target: How many local churches would you like to replicate your community project in the next 12 months?

Develop Four Benefits…

Model: What social problem does your community project address and what is your tried and tested solution?

Complete the proposition: helps local churches to reduce by supporting them to

Training: What are the essential things you need to pass on to others who want to plan, launch, deliver and sustain your community project?

Playbook: What is the strategic plan, funding model, role descriptions, policies and procedures?

Network: What do you commit to members of your network and what do your members commit to your network?

Build Eight Capabilities…

Governance: What community project oversight will build trust, create value, develop strategy, provide accountability, monitor performance and protect culture?

Leadership: How do you keep in balance the need to develop self, financial and operational leadership?

Team: What are your strengths and therefore what complimentary strengths do you need to recruit into your team?

Evaluation: What is your primary outcome measurement and how do you ensure that data is collected?
Finance: What are the financial management, controls, monitoring and reporting processes?

Fund raising: How can you generate income (training, playbook, network & other) and how can you raise money (donations, sponsorship, grants & other)?

Motivation: How do you help your team demonstrate Jesus’ love without strings attached and at the same time be ready to talk about their hope?

Communication: How do you use digital media to make your community project widely known amongst local churches?

Cinnamon Community Project Replicator

The Cinnamon Community Project Replicator uses this framework to coach, train and support our partners to replicate initially through three local churches. This is the validation point, because if a community project can replicate through three local churches it is only a matter of building capacity to replicate through thirty or three hundred local churches.