This module is all about multiplying the great project you’ve developed, thus helping others avoid the need to reinvent the wheel.

In it, we’ll explore the Cinnamon Project Replicator, developed by helping projects to successfully replicate in very different countries and settings. Our goals in this module are:

  • To better define and articulate your project’s MODEL
  • To set an audacious replication TARGET for the next 12 months;
  • To understand which BENEFIT I most need to develop for my next stage of replication, and\
  • Being honest about what I’m going to DO about it!

As with other modules, there is a mixture of materials to work through:

READ the book chapter

WATCH Cinnamon’s Founder, Matt Bird, explain the principles and practise behind the Replicator

LISTEN to Talking Transformation podcasts of two great projects who have already replicated

OBSERVE one of the Cinnamon International team talk through the graphic tool we use in our Replication Communities and learn how to use it yourself to help others do the same

REFLECT on what you’ve learned, how it applies to you and want you have resolved to do as a result

RESPOND to short questions capturing your understanding and resolutions as a result of studying this module plus how it has helped you in your approach to replication