THANK YOU for being a Cinnamon #GlobalMissionPartner

This term we would be grateful if you would focus your prayers on how Cinnamon Network International helps churches transform community by enabling them to measure community impact through our Faith Action Audits…


$8.8 billion per year

Last year the New York City Cinnamon Faith Action Audit showed that the human capital value of the church and faith groups in NYC was worth $8.8billion per year. As a result the church is being invited into more city conversations, is partnering together for more impact and attracting fresh funding.

We believe the Cinnamon Faith Action Audit is a vital and valuable tool for the church in 2020 and beyond.

Please Pray For

1. The church in Australia, South Africa, Denmark & Netherlands. Each nation wants to do their first Cinnamon Faith Action Audit in 2020.

2. The church in the United States of America. In 2019 they completed two Cinnamon Faith Action Audits & they want to do ten more this year.

3. The global Church to be known for being a ‘force for good’ especially in countries where it is known for the opposite.

Helping 50,000 local churches to demonstrate Jesusā€™ love in tangible ways to 50 million people experiencing vulnerability.

The Cinnamon Global Goal

Thank You

To our Partners around the world supporting us in prayer

Cinnamon Network helps the church in three main ways

1. Starting Community Projects

We are a resource of best practice for the local church, helping them launch proven initiatives that will meet their community’s needs.

2. Measuring Community Impact

We have tools that can demonstrateĀ  to civic authorities the value and quality of services provided by the local church.

3. Strengthening Community Networks

We have experience and passion for relationship building and strengthening in the church.

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