Over the past 12 months, Cinnamon Network International has been responding to invitations from Australian churches and exploring how we can best join in with the amazing work happening Down Under. With the appointment this week of Nic Mackay as our inaugural National Director for Cinnamon Network Australia, a new chapter officially has begun!

Nic Mackay is a social entrepreneur and author. He has had the privilege of helping to start, grow and guide some of the world’s largest and most influential social justice organisations — among them, Oaktree and Common Grace.

He has recently released his first book, Faith, Death & Pills, with a foreword written by Cinnamon Australia Patron, Tim Costello. It tells the story of Nic’s journey to Jesus, the death of his first child, and his battle with mental illness.

Cinnamon Network International was founded by Matt Bird in 2010, and since then worked alongside Churches to help transform communities across the United Kingdom.

Since 2018, the Cinnamon Network has responded to invitations from all over the world to develop this model through establishing and supporting national networks, and is currently active in 9 countries.

Originally from Melbourne, Nic Mackay cares very little about the quality of Australia’s national sporting teams and very much about the quality of his daily coffee. He has recently returned to Australia after almost 4 years in South Africa – the birthplace of his remarkable wife, Dawn Faith – and is the father of a 5year-old son, Lwandle, and a baby daughter, Ndalo-Enhle. In his spare time, he likes to run marathons in the mountains and watch The West Wing for the seventh time.

Of his new role with Cinnamon, Nic says: “I believe the Church can and should be the most powerful force for good in the world — not just because we’re called to love God and love others but because, as Matthew 25:40 tells us, the way we love others is the way we love God. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to help establish Cinnamon Network in Australia. I can’t wait to discover, support and expand the amazing work being done by churches across the country to serve those in need and transform their communities.”