Matt Bird lives in Wimbledon, England with his wife Esther and their three children.

Aged 21 years old Matt’s first speech was a faltering and painful 7 minutes long. He now delivers 50+ keynote speeches a year and has spoken in 30 countries to more than a million people.

Overcoming dyslexia and ‘remedial’ English classes at school he has gone on to author 10 books and has written for The Times newspaper and Harvard Business Review.

As a ‘paper candidate’ in an unwinnable seat he was elected as a Local Government Councillor and later co-chaired a 10 Downing Street Advisory Group.

Matt believes anything is possible!

Matt is the founder and CEO of Cinnamon Network International which helps churches transform communities by:

Replicating community projects to save ‘reinventing the wheel’.

Measuring community impact to demonstrate ‘faith is a force for good’.

Strengthening community networks to show ‘we can achieve more together than apart’.

Cinnamon’s global goal is to help 35,000 churches, in 25 countries demonstrate Jesus’ love in tangible ways to 3.5 million people experiencing vulnerability.

He is also founder and CEO of Relationology International which helps businesses build profitable relationships by being:

Authentic because the true currency of business is relationships – people buy people.

Intentional because relationships are too important to leave to chance – so everyone needs a system.

Responsive because great relationship builders read other people and regulate themselves.

Relationology clients include: Rathbones (UK), Federal Reserve Bank (USA), Investec (South Africa) and PwC (International).