Cinnamon’s Plan To Help People Deal With COVID-19 Fallout

We as a global network that helps churches transform their communities is having a laugh – and it’s all to help people deal with the mental stress of the Covid-19 pandemic!

Leaders from Cinnamon Network International today launch a new campaign, #Hilarity4Health, which will see Christian comedian Tom Elliott entertaining people across the organisation’s online platforms.

Each Friday for 5 weeks, Tom will share light-hearted, fun moments on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to lift people’s spirits.

Tom, who is a Cinnamon Global Ambassador,  explains:  “There is clear evidence that the number of people suffering from mental health issues due to the pandemic has increased since the lockdowns started last year. 

“And with studies showing that laughter really is the best medicine, we have decided to raise spirits to entire communities by helping people laugh. Cinnamon Network is already dealing directly with mental health issues through projects such as Living Well and Edify and also through  Listening Hub initiatives.

“But as evidence shows having a laugh is such a major health benefit, we thought that it was time to give everyone something to smile about! My lockdown haircut alone will make you laugh!” 

Research from the World Economic Forum recently reported an increase in the number of people who are suffering from mental health issues due to the pandemic. Other findings made by the WEF study include:

  • A link between loneliness during the pandemic and an extremely high risk of mental health problems.
  • Those whose loneliness had increased were up to 10 times more at risk for depressed mood, anxiety symptoms and sleep problems.
  • Feelings of loneliness could be overcome through more online or telephone activities and socially distanced meetings if possible, say the study authors.

While the UK starts to see light at the end of the tunnel following this week’s announcements, restrictions will remain for a number of months; while other countries have yet to announce new measures.

Matt Bird of Cinnamon Network International comments: “There is an increase in hope as vaccines are rolled out, but it is still a difficult time for many people mentally. These fun sessions and our #Hilarity4Health and #FridayFunFeature online campaign allows churches and Christians share their hope in a fun way.”

Research has shown how humour helps improve mental health. The findings of one study led by professors Graeme Galloway and Arthur Cropley, revealed humour not only has a positive psychological effect, it can also help biologically by boosting the immune system.

Tom, who is one of the UK’s most exciting comedy magicians who has appeared on BBC TV and Radio and is the founder of the Oh My Days Academy, added:

 “If you can smile and have a laugh, you really do feel better. Hilarity4Health shows that Christians are capable of having a good laugh, and often at themselves!” 

Tom is one of several  Cinnamon Global Ambassadors, who are performers that love Jesus and justice and are passionate about the work of Cinnamon Network International. He is also a Compassion UK ambassador.



Tom Elliott is one of the UK’s most exciting comedy magicians, touring throughout the year in comedy clubs, theatres, churches and festivals. Once described by Miranda Hart as ‘Such Fun’, Tom has appeared on BBC TV & Radio, had a feature piece in the Times Newspaper and received enthusiastic crowdfunding support for his projects.