Budding entrepreneurs can take advantage of free coaching from world-class advisers as part of a campaign to mobilise the Church and spearhead economic growth.

Cinnamon Network International’s Spirit of Enterprise campaign will be facilitating monthly online clinics, with the first two already scheduled for March and April. These clinics will give people with entrepreneurial ideas the inside track on setting up and running their own businesses.

Business Coach Lisa Chee MBE will kick-off the on-line coaching clinics by hosting ‘Nail Your Niche’ on Wednesday 31 March 2021.

Lisa, a ‘foodie’ entrepreneur, was awarded an MBE for selling her range of sauces to the Queen. She now runs Start Up Coach supporting others on their entrepreneurship journey and has co-authored 3 best selling cookbooks.

Next month the coach to share their experience will be Bishop Wayne Malcolm – well known as ’The Business Bishop’. 

A leading performance coach who has produced numerous learning programmes, Bishop Malcolm will help delegates understand how to spot and make the most of opportunities.

Lisa Chee, who has created and built several six-figure turnover businesses, comments:  A recent report showed that 80 per cent of businesses across the UK fail within their first year.

According to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics, only 42.4 per cent of businesses started in 2013 were still trading five years later. 

Part of the problem is that emerging entrepreneurs don’t get the right advice from the start, so can’t spot issues until it’s too late. The Spirit of Enterprise campaign is all about faith-driven entrepreneurs helping the Church support people who have ideas to start a transformational business.

To do that effectively, we need to offer the best advice from those who have extensive experience in running a business or businesses, ” added Lisa, who is a member of the Spirit of Enterprise steering group.”

She said if entrepreneurs could access experienced coaches and fill their skills gaps they would be more likely to succeed. 

Her ‘Nail Your Niche’ clinic will help people use their skills and experience to find and develop the niche for their business. The one-hour session starts at 1pm on 31 March and will take place online. To book a place, visit the Spirit of Enterprise website, https://www.thespiritofenterprise.net/clinics 

The Spirit of Enterprise is a global partnership encouraging the God-given gift of enterprise by supporting people with ideas to start a transformational business.

The founder of the Spirit of Enterprise, Matt Bird, says: “Church food banks are doing an amazing job in light of the pandemic, and while they can feed people for a few days, helping people start a business could help feed them for life.

Poverty can be relieved by charity, but the only sustainable solution to poverty is to create jobs and ethical business. In a crisis situation emergency relief deals with immediate needs but strategic development builds a new and enduring future.”

The not-for-profit global partnership, facilitated by Cinnamon Network International, includes organisations such as Faith Driven Entrepreneur, the Transformational Enterprise Network, The Lions, and Christian Aid’s business network, Salt.

Cinnamon’s aim is to help transform communities, cities and nations, through identifying opportunities that create societal value, sustainable employment and economic growth.