Have you and your local church been wondering what more you can do to help people impacted by the coronavirus, but at the same time adhere to Government advice?

Here are some of the stories and models of creativity that are emerging in local churches around the world as ways to encourage, serve and help those in this time of need.

Each project you read about on this page is freely given for your church to use. We hope and pray it is a gift to your community.


Love Your Neighbour

Love Your Neighbour is a way for churches to start community support groups to help people self isolating as a result of the coronavirus, with shopping, prescriptions and other errands.

PROJECT SOURCE: St Mike’s Church, London, UK

  • A lead volunteer
  • Printer
  • WhatsApp group administrator
  • Volunteer team of practical people
  1. Write a letter inviting people to be part of a community support group.
  2. Deliver the letter to all the households in your street or micro-community.
  3. Create a WhatsApp group to facilitate community support group communication
  4. Write a second letter reassuring people ‘you are not alone’ and encouraging them to ask for help when needed. Include a couple of telephone numbers.
  5. Deliver the letter to all the households in your street or micro-community.
  6. Moderate the WhatsApp group and ensure that requests and offers of help are being matched.

The Listening Ear

This project is a way for churches to help people experiencing anxiety about the impact of coronavirus on their lives. People may also agree to be prayed for if they wish.

PROJECT SOURCE: VEZ Church, Zwolle, Netherlands

  • A lead volunteer
  • Public telephone number
  • Webpage
  • Volunteer team of listeners
  • Training
  1. Secure the use of a telephone number that can be made public.
  2. Create a webpage where people can request a ‘listening ear’.
  3. Appoint a volunteer co-ordinator to receive requests and allocate a listening ear volunteer.
  4. Recruit and train volunteers to be listening ears via telephone and video calls.
  5. Promote the listening ear service through social media.

Craft In The Community

This project is a way for local churches to deliver community children’s work and support families in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown.

PROJECT SOURCE: St Peter’s Church, Bexley, UK

  • A lead volunteer who is creative
  • Craft materials
  • Some financial resources
  • Volunteer team of packers
  • Social media administrator
  1. Design the craft activity and instructions around a story, theme or value.
  2. Purchase the crafts and materials.
  3. Ask volunteers to make up the craft packs.
  4. Safe collection (or delivery) on people’s daily exercise or essential shop.
  5. Curate the social media to display the results of the craft activity, share the learning and create community.

Care Home Friends

This project is a way for local churches to support care home residents. Statistically, even without coronavirus, those in a care home are twice as isolated as those people in the community.

PROJECT SOURCE: Care Home Friends, UK

  • A lead volunteer
  • Tablet computers or pen pals!
  • Volunteer team of befriends
  • Training in befriending
  1. Telephone your local care home and find out what you can do to help residents stay connected.
  2. Offer to provide volunteers who would befriend residents who feel disconnected.
  3. Provide a tablet computer with video telephone a facility that they can contact their volunteer and family and friends.

Project Mask

This project is a way for churches to provide much needed coronavirus protection face masks to key workers in care homes, clinics and other community organisations.

PROJECT SOURCE: Helderberg Dutch Reform Church, Cape Town, South Africa

  • Key workers in need of protective face masks
  • A lead volunteer
  • Face mask template
  • Volunteers who can sew
  • Material, elastic & filter (known in South Africa as ‘spunbond’)
  1. Be asked by, or find, key workers who need protective face masks
  2. Recruit a team of volunteers who can sew
  3. Download the Project Mask template
    Source the material, elastic and gauze for the face mask
  4. Arrange a regular pick up and drop off point for the materials and finished product
  5. Deliver completed protective face masks to key workers
If your church is doing something innovative or new to help people in your community impacted by the coronavirus we would love to hear from you.
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