Cinnamon Network International helps churches transform communities. One of the ways it does so is to support churches to work together to host Civic Prayer Breakfasts. These events are typically hosted in town halls to which church and civic leaders are invited to pray for peace, prosperity and transformation of their communities.

Matt Bird commissioned worship leaders Noel Robinson and Andy Flanagan to write a hymn about civic society, to a well known tune that can be sung at these sorts of events.

The civic society hymn ‘We Seek Your Kingdom’ sung to the tune of ‘Abide with Me’ was the result. It has now not only been sung at Civic, State and Parliamentary Prayer Breakfasts around the world and most recently broadcast on the BBC.


The hymn to the lyrics are as follows:

We seek your kingdom throughout every sphere
We long for heavens demonstration here
Jesus your light shine bright for all to see
Transform, revive and heal society

Before all things, in him were all things made
Inspiring media, culture and trade
May all our work serve your economy
Transform, revive and heal society

Peace, truth and justice reigning everywhere
With us be present in our public square
Fill all who lead with your integrity
Transform, revive and heal society

Forgive us Lord, when we have not engaged
Failing to scribe your heart on history’s page
Make us again what we were made to be
Transform, revive and heal society

Faithful to govern ever may we be
Selfless in service, loving constantly
In everything may your authority
Transform, revive and heal society


LISTEN to Noel & Andy sing ‘We Seek Your Kingdom’ on BBC Broadcast

DOWNLOAD the sheet music for ‘We Seek Your Kingdom’

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