Stable One’s Winter Shelter helps local churches work together to provide ‘more than a place to stay’ for people experiencing homelessness in their communities at the coldest times of year.

The Winter Night Shelter was born out of the prayers of the Church, research into projects around the world and a biblical mandate to care for our most vulnerable neighbours. A Winter Night Shelter typically runs for 13 weeks from 1st June to 31st August.

Find out more at or watch this video from project founder Jenny Willetts.

Would you like to talk to the Stable One team about launching this project in your church? Please let us know which email address they can contact you on.

Stable One


⦿ A lack of provision for people experiencing homeless.
⦿ A Project Co-ordinator who is passionate about Jesus and people.
⦿ 7 local churches willing to work together.
⦿ A trailer and 10 mattresses and sets of bedding.
⦿ A robust prayer team.
⦿ Volunteers (around 150).
⦿ Funds (costs vary significantly depending on paid/unpaid Project Co-ordinator).


1. Invite a representative from the Winter Shelter team to speak at an open meeting of interested parties from local churches.
2. Appoint a Winter Shelter Project Co-ordinator.
3. Agree governance structure eg lead church, non-profit or ecumenical body and membership of Winter Shelter network.
4. Gain the commitment from seven local churches to take one night of the week each to offer dinner, bed and breakfast for up to 10 people experiencing homelessness.
5. Recruit and vet volunteers from across the churches.
Undertake the Winter Shelter training including handbook, videos, policies and procedures.
6. Build relationships with homelessness services, relief organisations, hospitals, police and other points of referral.

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