Cinnamon Network has developed a system to measure and report the collective social impact of the Church in local communities – we call it the Cinnamon Faith Action Audit.

Our approach, and the data it provides, has helped transform the relationship between churches and civic leadership in communities around the world. It has also positively shifted perceptions about the role and value of the church in society.

Australia has just published its first Cinnamon Faith Action Audit in the Illawarra region of New South Wales. The results offer powerful evidence that ‘faith really is a force for good’.


The Illawarra Cinnamon Faith Action Audit revealed the number of people being served annually by the local faith community is…

(more than half the population of Wollongong and Shellharbour combined)


The social impact value of the community service activities provided by churches and other faith-based organisations is…

(to the Illawarra region every year)


The number of community service activities captured in the Illawarra Cinnamon Faith Action Audit is…

(addressing 15 of the greatest social needs)


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Illawarra faith community has launched new services and reached additional people…

(churches who have increased their efforts in response to COVID-19)

Behind the numbers is the story of a region where people genuinely care about one another, where the least are not forgotten, and where faith organisations play an active role in the community.

Nic Mackay, National Director, Cinnamon Network Australia

Would you like to see a Cinnamon Faith Action Audit in your city or region? Please get in contact, we would love to help you show how faith is a force for good where you live.

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The Faith Action Audit would not have been possible without Together For The Illawarra, our fantastic local partners.

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