I need a break… I wish I had time to appreciate… if only there was more time to call and catch up with family and dear friends…. WHY GOD?!

These were common phrases I’ve asked myself, and I’m sure there has been one or two you’ve uttered yourself as well!

Life has felt like a bit of a marathon. You may know the one. Where the cycle seems to never end. Where one thing leads to another and you find yourself unable to appreciate the successes, spend time learning new things or growing from the goals, or unable to grief properly from lost loved ones and trials and tribulations that have come your way.

I remember the first few days of COVID-19, hitting the United States of America. The fear was unlike what I have felt before. I was unsure what to do. I felt hopeless. I wanted to help and play a part in the cause but was limited as an immune compromised household. Admittedly, I felt powerless in putting a pause on life and certainly business.  And suddenly those phrases that I’ve often asked myself, became the centrefold. I’m used to performing from stages, speaking at hospitals and for non profits, designing and packaging, and answering a lot of emails… all in many times one day!

Sitting still is foreign to me. I couldn’t tell you the last time I took the day off to just call old friends and take a hike… until COVID.  A pause in the sprint and a time to sit and watch the sunset on the hill. As hard as it may be to admit, it’s a pause I have  needed for quite some time!

The weight on my chest of the beautiful lives that have been lost is felt every day. But in the crisis, I have seen an undeniable beauty in community, love, understanding, gratitude and much time to spend learning more about myself.

IN LIFE, LIFE HAPPENS. We have no idea what’s to come next. But what we can do and do know is that there is always someone who loves you and is rooting for you in your corner to help you get through to the next chapter.

COVID-19 has allowed me to see the power in coming together. I have felt pain and joy at the same time. It has allowed me to see a global community come together in support. I have put a pause on my “normal” and see the true beauties in life. The beauty of a slower pace to listen, to learn, to spend time with others (virtually) and ourselves to give a rest. To watch the sunrise drinking coffee in the yard rather then driving to a meeting, to play cards with my parents rather then just a quick hello in the kitchen as we pass onto the next event, to video call siblings, nieces, nephews, family and friends for hours sharing laughs instead of seeing each other

when we can make some time every once in a while when schedules match.

This time has allowed me to take a pause on what I know. It has allowed me to take a step back and look inward, learn, rest and find a joy I thought I had lost.


Shelby Blondell, Singer/Song Writer and Cinnamon Network International Ambassador

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