Macedonian Way – we go where we are asked to help

Jesus Way – we join in with what God is already doing

Body Way – we do with people not to people

1. Replicating Community Projects

We help local churches to discern what Jesus wants them to do in the community, and then provide a menu of proven community project models for them to choose from so they don’t have to ‘reinvent the wheel’.

We also identify best-practice church-led community projects and help replicate them in other local churches to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

‘Cinnamon has identified and supported 39 church-led community projects to replicate through more than 4,000 local churches and demonstrated Jesus’ love to 400,000 vulnerable people.’

2. Measuring Community Impact

We enable churches and faith groups in local government areas to work together to measure their community impact and so provide evidence that faith is a force for good. Churches can use this evidence to change how the church is spoken about in the community and the media, increasing influence and impact.

‘Cinnamon has supported churches in 94 local government areas around the world to undertake a Faith Action Audit that evidences the church contributes £9.9billion per annum to those communities.’


3. Starting Community Enterprises

We help local churches to support people with ideas to start businesses that bring about community transformation. The Cinnamon Spirit of Enterprise resources include a book, a course and regional hubs. These will enable the church to create sustainable solutions to poverty and worthlessness by helping people start businesses.

Launching into 2021, we need an outbreak of something more powerful than a virus: an outbreak of the spirit of enterprise. The Spirit of Enterprise partnership will help faith-inspired entrepreneurs to launch new ventures to bring much needed relief to their communities.’

We are passionate about demonstrating Jesus' love in tangible ways to 3.5million people experiencing vulnerability

Matt Bird, Founder

Cinnamon Network International is led by a passionate team of highly skilled and connected people. As a board and executive, we share the common goal of sharing Jesus’ love and seeing communities transformed all over the world. And we believe it can be done.

The movement is overseen by an International Board and Council: David Westlake (UK), Dr Shola Adeaga (UK), Peter Boje (Denmark), Jon Honour (Channel Islands), Bonnie Yule-Kuehne (US), Arvind Magan CPA (South Africa), Bishop Wayne Malcolm (UK), Femi Omotayo (US), Jaap van de Poll (Netherlands) & Anne Robinson (Australia).


Founders & Funders

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We are looking to build strategic relationships with church, business, political and the media leaders who are interested in developing a Cinnamon Network to help their churches transform communities.

Would you be interesting in joining a founding or funding circle for your nation? If so, please get in contact today, we would love to start a conversation with you.

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