Cinnamon Network International is led by a team who believe churches transform communities.
Here’s how we help…


Strengthening Community Networks

Cinnamon Network helps churches host a Civic Prayer Breakfast by building relationships with one another and civic leaders in order to pray together for the wellbeing of their community. Leaders explain that their Civic Prayer Breakfast is the most strategic event in their communities calendar.

As a result of these relationships Cinnamon Network has now brokered more than a dozen partnerships through which police forces and churches work together to transform their community.


Replicating Best Practice

Cinnamon Network identifies the most impactful church-led community projects and supports them to replicate. This enables more churches to transform their communities and saves them from ‘reinventing the wheel’.

One church-led community project that Cinnamon Network has supported provides meals to children in the school holidays who would otherwise go hungry. In two years it replicated through 56 local churches and provided 11,500 meals to children.


Measuring Social Impact

Cinnamon Network helps churches to work together in a local government area to undertake a Faith Action Audit to measure their collective impact. We have now supported churches in 94 local government areas around the world to measure their impact.

In London The Times newspaper reported the findings with the headline ‘Loving they neighbour is priceless – but it’s also worth £3billion’.

In New York City the time given by churches and the faith community has been valued at $8.8billon per annum.


We are passionate about demonstrating Jesus love to 50million vulnerable people.

Matt Bird
About Matt Bird
Cinnamon Network International is led by CEO/President Matt Bird. He founded the first Cinnamon Network in the UK in 2010 and then Cinnamon Network International in 2018.

During Matt’s time as CEO, the Network identified and supported 30 ‘Cinnamon Recognised Projects’ to replicate in more than 3,000 churches and measured the social and economic impact of the church in 92 government municipalities.

Matt and the Cinnamon Network International team now respond to invitations from countries around the world who would like to develop a Cinnamon Network in their nation to bring churches together to transform communities.

The movement is led by an International Leadership Council of representatives from each country and overseen by the Cinnamon Network International Board: David Westlake (IJM), Bonnie Yule-Kuehne (Alpha International) and Bishop Wayne Malcolm (iCan).


Founders & Funders

Launch A Network

We are looking to build strategic relationships with church,  business, politics and the media leaders who are interested in developing a Cinnamon Network for their nation.

Would you be interesting in joining a founding or funding circle for your nation? If so, please get in contact with Matt today, he would love to start a conversation with you.

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