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Cinnamon Network International helps churches transform communities. Our global goal is to mobilise 35,000 local churches, in 25 countries demonstrate Jesus’ love in tangible ways to 3.5 million people experiencing vulnerability and isolation.

We respond to invitations from leaders in countries around the world to support them to start a Cinnamon Network to help their churches transform communities

Each network reflects the distinctive of the nation and yet has a common approach of Starting Community Projects, Measuring Community Impact and Strengthening Community Networks.

Communities transformed by the life and love of Jesus

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Our Plan
Cinnamon Network International is currently supporting the development of Cinnamon Networks in eight nations. It is expecting to be supporting the development of Cinnamon Networks in twenty-five nations in the next five years.

We are looking to partner with leaders in church, business, political and media to see that expectation become reality.

Could we start working together to develop a Cinnamon Network in your nation? If so, please get in contact, we would love to start a conversation with you.

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Cinnamon brings local churches together in new ways to provide practical transformation strategies

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